8-9 OCTOBER 2016


"Bukovel radiosailing Cup 2016", the final European Cup Series regatta (among radio-controlled sail yachts) will take place on the smooth surface of Bukovel’s Lake of Youth on October 8 - 9.

European Cup series is a F5-M class regatta, featuring eight separate yachting events in Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine. After seven heats, the leading standings are as follows: Timur Kishubaev (UKR 34), Manfred Wolfinger (AUT 09) and Jerald Oberreiter (AUT 20).

The regatta in Bukovel is the final heat of the series and shall finally determine the European Champion of 2016. The struggle for leadership is going to be intense.

Don’t miss this world’s top-class yachting event!

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