February 2021
Bukovel Cup 2021 1st stage

The Bukovel Cup series is intended to be the ultimate competitive environment for non-professionals, with our specially prepared FIS-compliant GS slope, requiring maximum downhill speed and bending mastery. All competitors are to be divided into age groups (each 10 years of age), thus everyone has an opportunity to meet their peers and friends head to head!

Both men and women aged 16-80 are allowed to join the competition by applying for one of the following competitive categories:

  • AMETEURS - everyone who can ski and willing to test their skills on a competitive level;
  • MASTERS - former pros, active alpine ski coaches and instructors.

Active professional athletes with valid FIS ID’s, participants of the last two Ukrainian official Championships and Cups are not allowed!

This notion of the competition is forging team spirit, as individual results shall be evaluated and added to team scores. For the entire duration of the season, the best teams shall accumulate points and compete for supercups. Moreover, we provide 56 separate prize sets (168 medals total), thus technically everyone to display significant individual mastery will have an opportunity to get to the podium. And, like it always was, our athletes will be encouraged for the best performance with valuable prizes from our sponsors.

Again, don’t miss a perfect opportunity to bring your skiing conditions to the real test, as well as join the members of our skiing community for a huge celebration of wintersports. Everyone’s invited, no matter skier or fan!

When: February 13-14

Where: Slope 5F

Discipline: Giant Slalom (GS)

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