March 2019
Apres Ski w/ DJ’s Stassy Miller & Miura

Spring is coming and everything that surrounds us is full of magnificent transformations.

Still, our vibrant Apers Ski parties at VODA club are here to stay, as well as fresh and fluffy snow cover on the Bukovelian slopes.

The beginning of spring is the time when one’s heart and soul are filled with enlightenment and hope, thus everyone’s need for new experiences and meeting new people is particularly strong. Knowing this, we decided to diversify the saturated off-the-slope activity list by adding the latest trend of World’s biggest alpine ski resort industry to the roster. 

Available on Fridays and Saturdays, 4pm – 7pm, the Johnnie Walker’s Apres Ski party series have already become the most attended event boasting huge recognition among Bukovel’s most hardcore skiers and boarders. It’s no wonder, as this is the venue to provide our guests with exactly what is needed after their energy-consuming skiing days: pleasant atmosphere full of cheerfulness and casual interactions, quality music selection from the country’s most requested DJ’s, skillfully crafted cocktails, diverse and reasonably priced meal and snack offers!

As for the first spring weekend of March 1-2, we’ve decided to treat you with something special music-wise. Meet Stassy Miller & Miura, a couple of spring snowdrop flowers among DJ’s. These Kyiv-based djannes are going to bring the spirit of the best metropolitan dancefloors to the resort and contribute to our powerful Apres Ski movement for the first time! And remember, all the best is still to come!

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!