July 2016
Antytila @ «VODA day&night club»

Have yourself an unforgettable summer weekend with TC «Bukovel» and «VODA day&night club»!

Enjoy the vacation in one of the most picturesque parts of Ukraine, with balmy alpine air, marvelous mountain scenery and crystal clear water of the mountain lake.

Immerse yourself in a day full of adventure and a night full of fun! With our dance events, discover a new definition of nightlife and clubbing.

We give you the trendiest celebrities, stunning shows and the hottest parties!

On June 15th, "ANTYTILA" (Antibodies) pop rock band shall appear on VODA day&night club’s sunken stage. Quite some time has passed since their debute on “Karaoke on Maydan” and “Chance” shows. The band has finally grown into a all-sufficient and mature collective, with its talent being recognized by the broad audience and distinguished by numerous awards and nominations. We are again so excited to have them in Bukovel!

Ticket booking: http://vodaclub.ua/