19 JANUARY 2020

Viktor Pavlik is a seasoned and charismatic Ukrainian performer and songwriter, being renowned for his romantic approach to lyrics and popularity amongst women; "Terytoriia A" art agency member, guitarist.

Having started musical career early in the age of four by taking guitar lessons, Viktor quickly realized his destiny as a scenic person. By taking first steps in performing with "Anna-Maria" band in early 90’s, he quickly tasted fame and recognition, with ever-growing popularity and numerous prestigious domestic nominations won. In 1994, the song "Ty Podobaieshsia Meni" became the most recognized lyrical hit of the country.

1994-1997: a successful solo career starts, this period is notable for Victor’s debut album "Shykydym" being a huge smash, with two of LP’s singles becoming classic hits. Since 90’s, Mr. Pavlik has been steadily building his reputation of a true people’s artist and master of love songs, by delivering highly-appreciated hits and fabulous scenic acts in Ukraine and abroad. Without any exaggeration, Viktor is a true pioneer of our national music industry!

When: January 19

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!