09 March
Taras Shevchenko birth anniversary event

Visit Taras Shevchenko readings on March 9, dedicated to the birth anniversary of the writer.

Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), a renowned Ukrainian poet, novelist, playwright, artist, political and  public figure. He was a person of many talents and interests, and all his life was dedicated to his Motherland and his fellow people. He dreamed of the time when his country becomes independent, the Ukrainian language, history and culture becomes highly esteemed and people are happy and proud. The entire course of his life is a bright example of citizens sacrifice and serving the people. His heritage is extremely actual and topical no matter the times.

The birth anniversary of the Great Kobzar is celebrated on March 9th. Our resort traditionally supports the initiative by Public Analytics Institute and organizes the festive readings, dedicated to this big date.

Join us at 10:00am in the square near "Bugil" cafe!