December 2017
Bukovel Free Fight Cup, Second Tour

Three hundred thousand views on XSport channel, energetic crowd at "Buka" concert hall, eleven tense fights, - PFU Bukovel Free Fight Cup Season XVIII has started on December 2.

Second tour is right around the corner, as we are ready to continue giving you the best of Ukrainian professional free fight.

Coming up on Saturday evening, December 23!

Tour highlights:

Double grand prix fights in the most competitive weight category of the Cup, 77kg. Arthur Vorobiov, Victor Kokhno, Dhzangir Nasibov are seasoned fighters, they have repeatedly proven themselves as the Ukrainian elite. Mykola Grynchuk has returned to top tier ranks in 2017, by taking a decisive victory at "Honor Fight" finals in Ternopil and claiming the Champion title of major Polish fight promotion.

International fights are among highly anticipated ones of the season. Taras Tytarenko and Kamil Pryida have started their rivalry by entering Ternopil arena in May 2017. Without any exaggeration, that one was the most spectacular duel of the entire tournament. Despite Tytarenko's triumph, a lot of questions remain unsettled between those two, as the ambitious Polish fighter burns with desire to even up the scales!

Make haste and grab your tickets, the season is already in full swing!


Grand Prix 1, 77kg weight category, class А

  • Dhzangir Nasibov (Dnipro) - Arthur Vorobiov (Kharkiv)
  • Dmytro Vaniuk (Kyiv) - Victor Kokhno (Ternopil)

Grand Prix 2, 77kg weight category, class А

  • Vyacheslav Bogomol (Poltava) - Oleg Kulish (Kryvyi Rig)
  • Mykola Grynchuk (Ternopil) - Dmytro Sytnyk (Dnipro)

-70kg class B, ranked fight

Pavlo Kobyliatskyj (Kryvyi Rig) - Ivan Karpenko (Vinnytsia)

- 77kg class B, ranked fight

Oleksiy Pasiuga (Kharkiv) - Denys Strelets (Dnipro)

-77kg class A, ranked fight

Ivan Slyvinskyi (Ivano-Frankivsk) - Andriy Khrapanov (Dnipro)

- 57kg Superfight, class А

Gennadiy Gitlan (Moldova) - Denys Bondar (Ukraine)

- 63kg Superfight, class А

Kamil Pryida (Poland) - Taras Tytarenko (Ukraine)

Grand Prix 1 Final

Grand Prix 2 Final