February 2018
Skiers VS Boarders: the rivalry ends!

The hard truth is that there is everlasting rivalry between skimen and snowboarders. But the day is coming to smooth everything up and reconcile the old foes. On February 3rd, yesterday’s  rivals will work together in pairs to complete some complex objectives, during our new questing adventure!

Enjoy the slopes and treat each other with respect!

We are waiting for you at the Bukovel Fair square on February 3th, 3:00pm.

Invite friends, skiers and boarders, bring your gear and good mood!

Registration starts at 12pm, near the main scene.

Please apply with following information ready: full name, age, phone number, gear (ski or snowboard).

Mail your registration forms to: bukovelfest@gmail.com

For additional info, call: +38 (096) 889 39 27