Decembrie 2016
Important! New monitoring and control system launching

Dear friends,

As you well know, there is a strict rule on the resort: “One rider – one ski-pass card”. This means that every TC “Bukovel” ski-pass is a sole property of a buyer and can’t be passed to any other person. Learn TC "Bukovel" ski-pass features and rules.

For better implementation of this rule, we have decided to improve our technical means at turnstiles. Due to extremely fast scanning performance, the new Freemotion.Gate ski pass readers and turnstiles will measurably increase the throughput efficiency of our ski lifts. The new system is capable of automatically recognizing ski-pass owners, by scanning and comparing biometrical data.

Watch the new turnstile system introductory video:

Again, only by buying from our authorized distributors or pay desks can you guarantee, that you’ll get a genuine ski-pass and protect yourself by the Law from losing money. In case of violations of the ski-pass-related rules, the administration has a denial of service right. This includes ski-pass blocking.

We believe that the introduction of new technologies will further improve you safety and comfort on the slopes.

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.