Octombrie 2017
Camping program for disabled children

As the third camping session for handicapped kids is about to finish in TC "Bukovel", we now prepare to accommodate the next group of children with autism and cerebral palsy. For the remaining months of the year we intend to provide recreation in the Carpathians to more than 400 children with special needs. Overall, this social program has already covered over two and a half thousand disabled children from all over the region.

The program of the camp features socialization techniques for disabled children, so that children might find themselves to be useful members of the society.

Among others, a father from Ivano-Frankivsk, Andriy Nalyvayko, is packing bags to Bukovel together with his son Vladyslav. The 9 year old boy suffers from autism. For several years in a row they have been visiting the camp and the results are just amazing.

"Mountain scenery, crystal clear air, wonderful atmosphere amplify brain potency, so my son has become more open-minded, his speech has improved. Whirlpool baths and massages help improve his physical health.  Back in the day Vladyslav was terribly afraid of heights, now successfully got rid of this phobia. Moreover, not only for children the camp provides psychological remission, but also for their parents"..

A wide array of treatments is available in the camp: whirlpool baths, massages, rehabilitation programs and exercises , arthropods, phyto- and hippo-therapy.  Children are taken care of also by experienced psychologists.

"Today, unfortunately, handicapped children are actually left to their fate, with their health usually being the concern of parents themselves. As a deputy I'll do my best to draw the attention of the authorities to the issue of insufficient treatment, rehabilitation and socialization for children with special needs", - states the initiator of the project, people's deputy of Ukraine, Oleksandr Shevchenko.