Iulie 2016
Cookery with Konstantyn Grubych

Mr. Konstantyn Grubych visited “Artek-Bukovel” this summer with his trendy show “Tasty Country”. Not only good mood, emotions and inspiration did he bring to the camp, but also new recipes of baked potatoes and “banosh”.

With his huge traveling experience, this journalist knows a lot about Ukrainian cuisine, as he savored and cooked almost every popular dish from every region of the country. His recently published book has it all. No wonder it was so exciting for all the artekiates to meet a person, who knows even more about the cookery of their home regions, much more than they do! Autographs and a photo-session with a TV-star were nice bonuses to the day of fun, friendly communication and helpful cooking tips.

Television career was the thing Mr. Grubych was questioned about the most. Not surprising, as Konstantyn is a true pioneer of Ukrainian TV, as he stands behind the most iconic youth, family and cooking shows (“Junior Class Business”, “The Follies”, “Children’s Film Review”, “Breakfasting with 1+1”, “TSN News”, “Tasty Country” , “Quality Mark”, “It’ll Be Ok”, etc.)

The outdoor cooking of a true hutsulian “banosh” (corn porridge with sour cream, seasoned with bacon, mushrooms and “brynza” cheese) and fire-baked potatoes - was accompanied by merry songs and pleasant communication with questions/answers and narratives about favorite food. The event was attended by more than 90 children from Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

This was a special and tasty day in “Artek” circle. We are thus very pleased to have Mr. Grubych in Bukovel and looking forward to future friendly gatherings.