6 MARTIE 2016

Not only the awakening of nature do first spring days bring, but also the awakening of feelings and passion. The Fifth International Wife-Carrying Championship in TC “Bukovel” welcomes all the men, who want to prove their strength and ability to overcome difficulties, to their beloved ones.

The rules:

  • The length of the obstacle track is 250 meters. The team who scores the fastest time record on the track is victorious;
  • Several types of carry are allowed: piggyback, fireman's carry, or Estonian-style (the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband's shoulders);
  • The obstacles are snow piles, ice packs and a fire section,  potato sacks and straw cart;
  • The minimum weight of the wife is 49 kilograms. If she weighs less, additional weight is provided  to bring the total load to be carried up to 49 kg;
  • The wife to be carried may be your own, or the neighbor's, or borrowed for the time of competition. Nobody should ask the proof of your marriage;
  • This time, the outfit requirements are reduced, you can wear any shoes, but the ski helmet for both teammates is still mandatory;

The contest winners are to be awarded with valuable prizes: TC “Bukovel” vacation certificates, ski passes and a romantic evening in one of the restaurants of the resort.

The championship is about to start on February 6, 1:00 PM, near the small lake.

Historic note:

The wife-carrying contests first originated in Finland in 1992, quickly expanding into foreign countries. Today, this spectacular competitive action attracts fans and tourists from all around the globe.

The major wife carrying event is North-American Wife-Carrying Championship, yearly contest in Newry ski resort. Since 2012, the wife-carrying contests are held in TC “Bukovel”.

Event organizer:

Event and Show Agency
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