5-8 IANUARIE 2017

January 5-8. Christmas Holidays in the Carpathians!

Event program:

January 5th – Kutya Festival and Bukovel Christmas Fair. True miracles of Ukrainian folklore will unfold for you – tasty cuisine, traditional songs and humor, fiery dances and amusements, carols and schedrivki… and so much more, that no tale can tell nor pen describe. Get ready for a true Ukrainian Christmas fair! Event start: 12:00 AM.

January 6th Christmas Eve. In Ukraine, the Holy Supper anxieties usually start from the early morning, with traditional rites and ceremonies being all over the place. Christmas Eve menu consists of 12 classic meals, and we are going to cook them together! Join us at 12:00 on the “Bukovel” Christmas Fair, right beneath the biggest fir tree.

January 7th – Carpathian Carols! Wish merry Christmas to each other by singing traditional carols. The best folk bands will arrive to add festive atmosphere to the celebration. Again, this is Christmas, thus feel free to sing, dance, give presents, tell stories and communicate! Join the singing crowd on the Christmas Fair square, on 2:00 PM.
January 8th – Carols with Stars and Winter Celebrity Games! On the second day of Christmas, celebrities will join the fest with a big Christmas show. Olga Sumska, Victor Pavlik, Ivan Gavron, Vlada Lytovchenko, Natalia Buchynska will not only sing, but also compete in skiing and snowboarding! Winter Celebrity Event starts 1:00 PM. Award winning ceremony and Christmas carols live with celebrities – 4:00 PM. Join us on the Christmas Fair square!

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you!