Excellent Christmas surprise for Tina’s fans – brand new concert set, with greatest hits and “Christmas Tale” movie sountrack. The most popular Ukrainian carols in a brand new musical arrangement.

Tina is a keeper of Ukrainian traditions, a bright example of music being capable of healing souls, as it is more than just music. It is a Prayer. Those songs tell of eternal struggle between light and darkness, and the powers of good always prevail.

“Christmas Tale” is a tender, optimistic musical journey for you and your beloved ones.

“Nowadays, people have lost their belief – Tina says. – We no longer share our love. However, miracles are real, and traditions are alive, not only on Christmas Eve. They follow us through our lives, we just need to open our eyes and hearts, welcome the Good into our souls. If the concert could just help somebody to light his inner fire, and preserve it further – what more could I ask for? As long as traditions are alive – our state and nation are alive as well. This is the best Christmas present I can give to my fans.”

The concert program is going have two separate parts. The first one is a set of long-forgotten Ukrainian carols, followed by the second part – the best and the most appreciated hits from the Tina Karol’s repertoire.

Seats are limited!

Ticket booking: karabas.com