Octombrie 2017
Race Nation Bukovel

Bukovel Nation Race are obstacle run competitions featuring trails of different complexity, specially designed as a challenging environment for beginners and pros. Versatile obstacles and distances in a marvelous Carpathian mountain setting are equally competitive and spectacular for athletes, fans and adventurers!

When: October 21, 2017

Where: TC “Bukovel”

Register and choose between three different trials:

Test of Strength: 5-kilometer/20-obstacle course. This demanding mountain sprint shall be a perfect challenge for beginners and good warmup opportunity for pros.

Test of Will: 10 kilometers of trail are entangled by more than 25 obstacles. This extended course requires performance slightly above one’s limits.

Bukovel ULTRA Run is a challenging 40-kilometer marathon with total number of obstacles of 40. The prize pool is 40.000 UAH and the absolute winner takes it all! Only for higher-level athletes.

All finishers shall receive exclusive medals (for all runs) and branded T-shirts (for Strength, Will and ULTRA trials).

Are you ready to accept the challenge of the mountains?