Iulie 2021
«Race Nation Bukovel»

What to do in the mountains in summertime? At least once, everyone asked themselves this question. But what we know for sure is that good traditions shouldn't be broken. Once again, "Race Nation Bukovel" is coming to "Bukovel" - an obstacle race, which is completely unique to the country, bringing together participants from all over Ukraine and abroad.

On July 17, 2021, we're summoning more than a thousand participants to compete for medals and prizes and face their trials with a large number of obstacles. Participating will change your life forever: this is a real test of physical endurance and will.

"Race Nation" is a competition for seasoned athletes, white-collar guys and the most progressive youth, with obstacles thoroughly adapted to match the location and the infrastructure. Participants are free to choose between four categories to compete in: everyone will be able to put their strength to a test in both individual and team-based activity.

To enjoy the best moments of the last-year race, press here.

Even if you have never participated in similar events or endurance trials, "Race Nation" will become a thrilling adventure for anyone who wants to give it a try.

The competition will be held in four different participant categories:

  • "Standard" - for beginners and those who want just to try, having a good time in the process. Everyone is allowed to participate. The goal is to cover the distance and get to the finish line;
  • "Elite" - designed for the most enduring ones and seasoned athletes, the aspirants who focus on getting the best results. All obstacles are mandatory to pass through. The goal is to reach the finish line first. The winners will receive cash prizes and the privilege of free entry to subsequent competitions;
  • "Team" and "Team Elite" - for those who prefer team activity, a great chance to spend a good time with friends or coworkers on the way to the finish line. The last leg time is considered as team result. The fastest team takes it all.

For "Race Nation Bukovel 2021", the following race formats have been scheduled:

  • 5 km + 20 obstacles - act now! A tricky 5 km race with 20 obstacles will be appealing to both beginners and experienced athletes.
  • 10 km + 25 obstacles - time to win! Use all your training to get to the finish line! Your goal is your victory!
  • 20 km + 30 obstacles - the real battlefield, this neckbreaking mountain course has proven to be the ultimate test of endurance and will.

Everyone to reach the finish line (in all categories and formats) will receive exclusive medals , and the "Elite" and "Team Elite" winners will take away Race Nation cups with unique design and a plenty of extra prizes!

Feeling ready to challenge yourself and the mountains?

For registration and more details, please visit the official website of the project or mailto info@racenation.ua

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