Decembrie 2015
Piano Extremist in TC "Bukovel"

16th December, 12:00 PM, come and hear the real classical music from Piano Extremist, music that has already became part of Ukrainian history.

Under his fingertips, energy is born that heals the souls of volunteers and hearts of the military. For almost two years, since the Maydan events, young composer and performer, called Piano Extremist, visits Ukrainian towns and military outposts to the east of Ukraine, with a “historical neoclassic” concert program. His music speaks better, than any words.

Noble soul of the Pianist had inspired Beata Kurkul, artist who portrays Ukraine’s war heroes. No wonder, as this person was an active participant of the Dignity Revolution, fought against oppression, corruption and humiliation together with his brothers in arms. His music is the true soundtrack to the tragic events, which took part 2 years ago, when “Berkut” special forces and goon squads killed hundreds of people, who stood for freedom and justice.

Historical excursus:

Fall 2013 – winter 2014. Piano Extremist played ”Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole bianche” on Khreschatyk, wearing balaclava and kevlar west. The performance video had scored 500 thousands views on Youtube for just one day, and instantly became the symbol of Maydan.

Spring 2014 - fall 2015. When war came to Ukraine and Russian terrorist forces started active operations in Donbass, Pianist had changed his street performance format, playing more concerts for volunteers and military. For the 2 years, he visited more than 60 cities and army corps.

September 2015. Piano Extremist actively supports the Crimea blockade, together with Crimean Tatars, “Pravyj Sector” troops and the “Azov” battalion. For some time, he played with “Dnipro-1” chevron on his arm, as men from this battalion became his close friends and brothers in arms after Maydan. When political repression against the volunteers started to unfold in Ukraine, he clearly made his point to support the prisoners. He claims, that the current Law has no right to pursue the patriots of the state, when terrorists of so-called “DPR” and “LPR” republics – have the luxury of total amnesty.

The Pianist have been filmed as the main character in the “PIANO” documentary. He have also written the soundtrack to “Ilovaisk, Knights of the Sky” movie.

P.S. He has no intention to show his face in public. “It’s better to be true, wearing a mask, than being a fake and show you face. What I play is more important, than my appearance. No matter, what kind of weapon do you wield, you need to ACT!”