Decembrie 2017
Ianuarie 2018

Starts December 31, 10pm, at "BUKA" concert hall.

Right before New year starts, miracles happen!

Celebrate the moment of joy and inspiration with our highly saturated event program, being surrounded by the gorgeous Carpathians and some very special people to inspire you for new accomplishments in the year to come!

  • Dmytro Komarov, the country's most known travelling person, will gladly take you on a imaginary trip with his exciting New Year celebration experience around the world!
  • our hosts from VIP Ternopil entertainment group are preparing an unparalleled scenario, saturated with humor and unexpected surprises!
  • the irresistible Iryna Fedyshyn teams up with Wincent cover Band, for the final scenic performance of the year. Those will surely make you dance and feel just right!

Special amusements are being prepared also for our younger guests!

Exquisite menu by Cartel Restautant family. Visit for the world's finest cuisine, desserts and beverages!

For the upcoming year, we shall completely reboot your mood and feelings. Are you ready for this?

Ticket booking: +380673503444

Tickets are also available in our online shop