Martie 2017

When: March 4, 8:00 pm

Where: "BUKA" EC

As Round IV fights are done, we are ready to summarize everything up and give you an update on the series. Paradoxical as it may sound, the fighters in the last Challenger final fight couldn't withstand the tension, which resulted in unsporting behavior. Sadly, but we were forced to withdraw the results of this fight and the Challenger title in 83.0kg weight category remains vacant.

Anyway, we are now heading right into the Grand Finals. As it was already announced, the event is scheduled for March  4. Will Challengers succeed in their quest for the most prestigious Ukrainian trophy? Or maybe current Champions and title owners will endure and prove their supermacy once again? We shall see.

Featured fights:

61,2 kg weight category (bantamweight):

  • Challenger: Denys Bondar (Kharkiv)
  • Current Champion:  Olexandr Lunga (Kharkiv)

65,8 weight category (featherweight):

  • Challenger: Yegor Lamaka (Kyiv)
  • Current Champion: Andriy Lezhnev (Dnipro)

70,3 weight category (lightweight):

  • Challenger: Vadym Olenchyk (Kyiv)
  • Current Champion: Ruslan Kriukov (Kamianske)

77,1 weight category (welterweight):

  • Challenger: Olexandr Valivakhin (Kryvyj Rig)
  • Current Champion: Mykhaylo Kyslytsia (Dnipro)


Mykola Lukyanchykov (Vinnytsia) VS Yaroslav Franchuk (Kryvyj Rig)

 93+ weight category (superheavyweight):

  • Challenger: Dmytro Mykutsia (Poltava)
  • Current champion: Igor Sliusarchuk (Lviv-Ternopil)