Iunie 2016
TC "Bukovel's" Ukrainian Men’s Cup

On June 19, TC “Bukovel” welcomes “Ukrainian Men’s Cup”, dedicated to Father’s Day.

We have prepared a set of tough trials to determine the most worthy fathers and husbands:

  • Declaration of love;
  • Compliments challenge;
  • Serenade singing;
  • Sawing and chopping wood;
  • Baby swaddling and lullaby singing;
  • Kitchen routine – dumplings and borscht;
  • Husband-driven cart races;
  • Beer-drinking challenges;
  • Playing the trembita;
  • Traditional dances.

The most prominent fathers and husbands shall receive valuable prizes and diplomas.

The contest shall start at 1:00 pm, near the fountain square (near “Bugil” cafe), on June 19!

Supported by Olexandr Shevchenko, people’s deputy of Ukraine.

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