August 2015
Hutsul mythic-opera-dance performance

15th August 2015, hutsul* mythic-opera-dance “Ole. Oleksa Dovbush” event will commemorate Oleksa Dovbush, legendary Carpathians’ hero, 315-year birth anniversary.

List of activities:

  • Hutsulian mythic-opera-dance “Ole. Oleksa Dovbush” performance, by “Hutsulia” National vocal and choreography academic ensemble, Ivano-Frankivsk region philharmonic.

Event starts at 8 PM near the Bukovel mountain's foot;

  • “Legends of Carpathians” paint art exhibition;
  • “Carpathain Gold. Quest for Oleksa’s treasures” quest event. Registration form application is required. Adventurers should have compasses, flashlights and camera-equipped cell phones;
  • Ethnic disco around the hearth. Ukrainian folk dances workshops;
  • Hutsuls and opryshky* initiation ceremony.

*Hutsuls are an ethno-cultural group who for centuries have inhabited the Carpathian mountains. Hutsuls regard themselves as being part of the broader Rusyn ethnic minority and/or as Ukrainian highlanders.

*Opryshky movement was the main form of class struggle of the peasantry against feudal oppression in Carpathians.

Supported by Olexandr Shevchenko, people’s deputy of Ukraine.

Organizer: “Art Bukovel” event agency.
+38 098 1000 200