Iulie 2016
"Carpathian Mermaid" body art festival

When: July 30, 2016

Where: Lake of Youth sand beach

Event schedule:

12:00 am - 03:00 pm – body art painting;

12:00 am - 03:00 pm – children’s aqua greasepaint painting;

12:00 am - 15:00 pm – amusements, contests, workshops (for children and adults);

03:00 pm - 03:15 pm – round-the-lake body art parade (with Neptune, mermaids, sea devils, pirates, nymphs);

03:15 pm - 03:30 pm – demonstration of the finished images;

03:30 pm - 03:40 pm – dance flash mob on the beach, followed by a grandiose paint fight;

04:00 pm - 04:15 pm – awarding ceremony;

04:15 pm - 05:00 pm – live show;

05:00 pm - 07:00 pm – dance event.

Our Slavic ancestors believed human bodies to be not just shells for minds and spirits, but also to mirror the unseen and unknowledgeable aspects of the Universe. Symbolic body art and tattoos, according to the beliefs, were the means for shamans and spiritual leaders to affect destinies of their people, perhaps even heal. By calling to the long forgotten traditions and beliefs, our competitors shall try communicate with the past generations. We invite professional art studios and workshops to join our celebration, as well as art salons, beauty salons, greasepaint and body art studios. We provide artists with all the opportunities to create their own images (individually or team-based).

The competition’s results shall be determined by a competent jury. The mandatory condition to pass the initial inspection is that no less than 70% of the model’s body should be covered with paint. Single or multiple models per project are allowed. For example, multiple models may figure as parts of the entire composition or artistic design. The competition is time limited. After time expires, artists and teams should present their models on the parade and final beach defile.

In order to participate, please apply with a standard form, no later than July 28, 2016.


Event organizer:
"ART-BUKOVEL" event agency
+38 098 1000 200