Martie 2016
Bukovel Kids Cup stage III

March 25-27, TC “Bukovel” welcomes the third stage of the most popular and attended junior alpine ski competitions in Ukraine!

For the last few years, our resort has been actively supporting the Cup, actively contributing to the alpine skiing development in our country. 

Such competitions are vital for the future of the sport, as they provide opportunities for the juniors to start their careers and prove themselves on the competitive stage since the very early age.

Sport schools and colleges students, NGO members and any willing amateur riders – are welcome to participate.

All kids born 1998-2011 are free to participate, and are being split into six age groups.

The Rules of the Cup are developed in maximum compliance to FIS standards.



  • Giant slalom (GS);
  • Special slalom (SL).


Where: Slope 5F.

Event organization: “Sport Production Company».

For details and registration, visit: www.sportpro.org.ua

Have fun and get the best-ever impressions during your vacation in TC “Bukovel”!