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On October 9, 2021, the mountain race "BUKA TRAIL" will be held for the first time at TC "Bukovel".

Trials in three levels of difficulty:

  • length - 46.5 km, altitude gain - 3730 m, time limit - 13 hours. This is a distance for those who already have mountain running experience and are well prepared for a real adventure;
  • length - 25.4 km, altitude gain - 1730 m, time limit - 6 hours. For people who are just getting acquainted with the sport or just want to try a shorter autumn trail;
  • length - 6.2 km, altitude gain - 345 m, time limit - 2 hours. An easy distance, which is perfect for people with different levels of training, as well as for relatives and fans waiting for longer distance participants.

Competition schedule:

07:00 - registration of participants in the base camp,
09:00 - start of the 46 km trial,
11:00 - start of the 25 km trial,
12:00 - start of the 6 km trial,
14:00 - closing of the 6 km trial,
17:00 - closing of the 25 km trial,
18:00 - awarding ceremony 6 km. and 25 km,
21:00 - awarding ceremobny 46 km,
22:00 - closing of the 46 km trial.

The task is to cover the distance within the determined time limit. Participants move along the route determined by the organizing team in non-stop mode and are free to independently determine their pace, place and duration of rest.

The distance is determined by checkpoints (CPs), which are mandatory to visit. The gap between CPs follows the most logical path through roads and marked routes, marked with flags in the open or special dye or colored cardboard squares placed on trees, stones and other objects. Additionally, reflective signs will mark the stages that might elapse in the dark.

The checkpoint control is provided by means of the electronic mark technology. At some checkpoints, participants will receive a wooden token as a visit confirmation, which must be brought to the checkpoint or to the finish line. The absence of a token from any CP may lead to disqualification. Disqualified runners are free to continue the race, but their finish time will not be listed in the overall rating.

Forbidden / leads to disqualification:

  • using the third-party assistance (transport, food, physical and technical help, etc.). Visiting shops and catering establishments is not considered third-party assistance;
  • non-attendance of a CP;
  • in case of a mandatory item absence at the finish gate or a CP, 30 minutes will be added the participant's finish time.

All race participants must adhere to the rules of fair play. Altering the route marking, destroying the environment or littering the trail is strictly prohibited. All participants must pay attention to possible accidents and are obliged to provide help to those who need it, and inform the organizing team of the situation, type of injury, location and number of the injured racer.

A participant who decides leaving the trail due to health or other issues must immediately notify the organizing team. Quitting the race must take place, if possible, at checkpoints.

The organizing team members, volunteers and involved emergency service employees have the right to check the health conditions of a participant at any time of the race and remove participants from the distance if there is a possibility of risk to their health or violation of the rules of the race.

Top 3 finishers per distance and age category will receive commemorative cups and prizes.

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