lutego 2021
Nataliia Yurova art showcase

Welcome to the recently opened art exhibition featuring a promising young artist Nataliia Yurova.

Natalia is a native to Galician Podillya (Chortkiv), who literally fell in love with the Carpathians and the highlanders. This fact is eloquently reflected in her artistic work and photography.

She honed skills and developed the depth of her artistic palette while studying at the Kosiv School of Applied and Decorative Arts and the Lviv National Academy of Arts, from which she graduated in 2018. Anton Hryhoruk, Anatolii Kalytko, Vasyl Dutka, Vasyl Perehynets, Roman Luchuk were the mentors of the young artist, who opened the world of the Hutsulian culture to the girl, taught her to understand the beauty and value of man-made heritage and feel the breath of the mountains.

Visit the exhibition and discover the secrets hidden between the misty peaks of the Carpathians.

When: February 21 - March 7

Where: "TAVEL" hotel lobby