sierpnia 2020
września 2020
«Drops of Earth’s Paradise» art exhibition

"Bukovel Hotel" invites guests of the region to visit the "Drops of Earth’s Paradise" art showcase, scheduled for August 18 - September 6.

The exposition consists of 22 paintings, exposed in the hotel reception hall. It features works by local artists Anatolii Melnyk, Bohdan Kuziv, Volodymyr Bereznyi and Volodymyr Semchuk; Anastasiia Hrihorieva and Myroslav Duzinkevych (Kyiv); Iryna Kravchenko (Vinnytsia), Borys Yavorsky (Lviv) and Nelli Kirman (Kharkiv).

We hope that the new exposition will give our guests moments of aesthetic pleasure.