grudnia 2015
Christmas fair in TC "Bukovel"

Christmas fair in TC “Bukovel” starts 19th December, 5:00 PM. True miracles of Ukrainian folklore will unfold here for you – traditional songs and humor, fiery dances and amusements, carols and schedrivki… and so much more, that no tale can tell nor pen describe. This is a true Ukrainian fair!

Come join us, to see and to be seen, to have some fun with the variety of local food and drinks and perhaps to buy something. Because those are things Ukrainian fairs are all about!

Welcome, dear guests!
We have tallow, meats and sausages for your stomach,
Tasty herring and a barrel of brew,
Cracklings, peppers and cucumbers for you to feel right
And finally - a jug of beer for your fun!

Dumplings and cauldron meals – Uzbek pilaf, odorous shurpa lamb soup, Hutsulian banosh with cream. Lamb and veil, roasted on a skewer, hot beverages and wines – what else one need for an exceptionally good spirit?

Again, this is a traditional fair, thus feel free to sing, dance, tell stories and communicate!

Honorable guests and hosts of the fest are Mykola Gogol and Solokha – true fair experts from the past. Saint Nicolas and his Angels will please all the good children with presents, and Jack the Imp will bring twigs to punish the ill-mannered.