lipca 2016
“Bukovel Treats” fifth BBQ Festival

When: 3:00 pm July 16, 2016.

Where: Festival square near the small Bukovel lake.

Motto: “Cook tasty, be sincere”.

Both professional and amateur teams are allowed.

Each team shall be provided with barbecues, wooden coal, all the necessary kitchenware and a minimal food set (sausages, meat and fish steaks, vegetables, herbs). Previously grilled, the resulting product shall be served on pita bread. Own products, sauces and kitchenware are allowed.

Assessment shall be carried out by each member of the competent jury according to the five-point evaluation system. Dish evaluation criteria: appearance, conformity with the given name, taste of the main dish, garnish quality, presentation.

Prizes and souvenirs for all the winners and participants.

Huge concert program for all the festival participants and guests.

Number of teams is limited.

In order to participate, please apply with the following form:

  • team name;
  • team motto;
  • restaurant name (if representing any);
  • full names of all team members (maximum three);
  • full name of the team's captain (chef);
  • chef’s mobile phone number.

Be sure to mail the form to artbukovel@gmail.com, not later than July 14.

Gather your friends, join us at the Festival!

Event organizer:
“Art-Bukovel” event agency
+38 098 1000 200