stycznia 2016
Christmas festive evenings in TC "Bukovel"

The big winter fair is about to finish at TC “Bukovel”, but you still have a chance to say farewell to Christmas holidays as the final Festive Evenings are about to babble on. January 30, 5:00 PM, join us for the good mood and make sure to bring your own stories or tales to tell the others!

Celebrate diverse culture of the highlanders with odorous Hutsulian cuisine, classic Christmas recipes and beverages from the best households. Any willing guest shall be treated by honey hootch and special enchanted dumplings.

As usual, the festivities will not do without traditional roundelays around the fir-tree, songs and fiery dances! “Hutzulia” National academic ensemble of song and dance will set the mood with the live performance followed by traditional Ukrainian disco party.

Event organizer:
Event and Show Agency
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