grudnia 2017

Known for his project, "The World inside out", Dmitriy Komarov takes the audience on countless journeys of his own perception, where a simple gesture is capable of creating passages to enter some unknown realms. His plots strike with unpredictability and saturation. Sometimes it seems the reality itself has to adapt to his vision.

Feel the pulse of planet Earth alive. See to the roots of situations and events. Be a conductor of words that reach the very essence! 

Perhaps this event will change your entire life. Incredible stories of overcoming hadrships and moving towards the new. Tips of how to become something new, forge yourself anew. Profound dialogue on how to follow dreams and create own realities.

An exciting meeting with a blogger who's ready to share the knowledge of the world, its secrets and backdoors, being both highly narrative and easy to understand.

Dmitriy Komarov. Journalist. Photographer. Traveler. Open minded, intelligent, and charming man.

Make haste to grab your tickets

When: December 30

Where: "BUKA" EC

Start: 6pm