sierpnia 2016
Tina Karol @ «VODA Day & Night Club»

Get ready for Tina Karol and her renewed "Greatest Hits" setlist, containing the best solo performances from all the previous live shows! We are meeting again in Bukovel!

Her love with the stage has been lasting for more than ten years: Tina's songs have become soundtracks to millions of people’s destinies, with lyrics being the vivid palette of emotions: from sadness to joy, from melancholy to drive. The singer herself and her songs are the example of endurance, vitality and spiritual beauty. Just like her feelilngs, Tina’s vocals are always passionate and highly energetic, thus her music is as overwhelming as life itself.

See you on the sunken stage! We are all under one star!

Where: TC “Bukovel”, «VODA day & night club»

When: August 19, 09:00 pm

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