września 2016
"Nation's Race" in TC "Bukovel"

Get ready for the next stage of a popular obstacle race competition on September 17 in TC “Bukovel”!

The upcoming event is the second one, held by our organizing team in Carpathians. In February, TC “Bukovel” welcomed “Show Race” winter challenge, obstacle race against snowy and low-temperature environment.

The new summer competitions feature three different complexity trials: “Test of Strength”, “Test of Will” and “Test of Spirit”. Our participants shall put those three feats of strength to a test by overcoming obstacle courses and completing a complicated mountain trail.

“Test of Strength”: 5 kilometers and 15-obstacle course. “Test of Will” features 13 kilometers of trail and is entangled by over than 20 obstacles. The toughest trial - “Test of Spirit” is a challenging 21 kilometer-long half-marathon with the total number of obstacles of 25.

Athletes shall compete in «ELITE» and «TEAM» formats.

 «ELITE» run – for the most experienced of participants, professional athletes and half-amateurs allowed.

«TEAM» run – team based run.

Before the race itself, visit our special trainings and workshops and have all the necessary consultations regarding your physical conditions and nutrition.

The previous stage of the race, attended by over 1100 athletes, took place on the Black Sea shores (Tyligul, Odessa region) on August 12-20.

For registration and additional info, visit the official website of the Race.