grudnia 2014
New Year and Christmas Fair

Sunday, December 28 ski resort "Bukovel" will start the Holiday Fair. Visit our fest and learn the old and modern history of region's life! Keeping the old FunFair tradition, we will have the market stalls as well as folk shows with comic songs and carols; buffoons will tout to funny competitions and entertainments, organize various sights. There will be so much fun you can't even imagine, as it's a real county fair!

Come and try, haggle, buy things from craftsmen, see a lot, taste some local specialities - that is what our Fair meant for!

Come and make sure, that Bukovel Fair is a perfect way to discover the world of our local staff and businesses, of Ukrainian traditional way of life, folk arts and spiritual life.

We heartily invite you and say "Welcome" to all our guests!

We will treat you with bacon, meat and sausages,

Herring and barrels of drinks,

Cracklings, peppers and vegetables -

All to make your minds happy...

Have a mug of beer, dance, laugh and propose a toast!

We are looking forward to seeing you all on December 28 at 18:00 at Bukovel New Year and Christmas Fair!