marca 2017
"Bukovel Treasury" quest

Bukovel Treasury is a massive event held in the Carpathians for all the adventurers and fans of outdoor questing.

Every willing skier or snowboarder may participate. Tough winter challenge is waiting for you and your team!

In order to participate, one should gather a party of five adventurers, then fill a registration form online.

To complete the quest, your team has to accomplish a set of objectives provided through maps, riddles and hints. A number of checkpoints shall be placed throughout the resort on the day of event. Every checkpoint reached grants score for the team.

The time limit for you to find checkpoints and finish the distance is 3 hours.

The team with a maximum score at the end of the quest is victorious.

Feel yourself like a real treasure hunter! Put your skills to a test and win waluable prizes.

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