stycznia 2016
Bukovel free fight Cup Group Stage III

Though the memories of Stage II struggle are still alive, we are commencing the ten day countdown, as the last group stage is about to kick in and more close we are to having the full list of grand finalists.

Stage II fights were spectacular, if you ask us. Nearly every match was full of passion, motivation and desire for victory. Let’s sum it up a bit before we introduce the challengers for Stage III.

So here are Stage II winners.
61.2kg weight category: Taras Tytarenko and Vasyl Sotnichenko.
83.9kg weight category: Bohdan Lysenko.
Super heavy weight category: Bohdan Savchenko.

The intrigue before Stage III is even more serious. Four quaternions and a single super heavy weight fight. The weight categories are 65,8kg; 70,3kg; 77,1kg; 83,8kg and 83.9kg.
65,8kg quaternion: Vasyl Yanko, Juriy Bosyj, Olexiy Fedonov, Vadim Khristoforov.
70,3kg quaternion: Olexandr Krakovskiy, Sergiy Tsebro, Olexandr Dolishniy and Edward Bogachuk.
77,1kg weight category features Oleg Glyantsev, 5th Season grand finalist, and three fighters who are new to Bukovel Cup and have yet to prove themselves.
 83,8kg quaternion: Olexandr Karpov, Eugene Masnyj, Dzhangir Nasibov, Vadym Oresczhak.

Dmytro Matvienko vs Yaroslav Trygubenyk is the fight of the night in super heavy weight category.

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30th January, 8:00 PM in EC “Buka”!