lutego 2017
Bukovel Free Fight Cup Series, Round 4

When: February 25th, 8pm

Where: “Buka” EC

As Round III fights are done, one final step has to be made before the war for the Championship belts unfolds. The Challenger Finals intrigue remains yet in one last weight category - 83.9 kg!

Featured fight:

It took 4 minutes (summarily!) for our fighters, Mykola Lukyanchykov and German Gorodetskyi, to make their way into Challenger Finals. Two KO’s and two submissions – that is the glorious outcome of the qualifier stage for those guys. Now these two highly energetic fighters are locked, stocked and loaded for a uncompromising Challenger Final clash!

Main Card:

  • (61.2 kg) Semen Galushko (Kryvyj Rig) VS Olexandr Kovalenko (Kyiv)
  • (93+ kg) Bohdan Savchenko (Kyiv) VS Igor Zavera (Vinnytsia)

Season IV cup fights:

61,2 kg weight category:

  • Artem Mysak (Dnipro)
  • Juriy Mykoliuk (Vinnytsia)
  • Juriy Budzhyganchuk (Yaremche)
  • Levan Mirtzkhulava (Irpin)

65,8 kg weight category:

  • Vladyslav Gromadskyi (Kyiv)
  • Igor Kutskyi (Vinnytsia)
  • Andriy Tkachyk (Ternopil)
  • Dmytro Potloratskyi (Dnipro)

70,3 kg weight category:

  • Vladyslav Kurash (Irpin)
  • Ruslan Bachkov (Kyiv)
  • Artur Isaev (Dnipro)