stycznia 2016
Bukovel free fight Cup Group Stage II

In short, Group Stage I was all about motivation and competitive spirit. Four fights out of twelve were resolved by referees, 3 of them had extra rounds. Best knockout of the night has already scored 3 thousand views on YouTube!

Tough and intriguing battle awaits, as Group Stage II is still to decide the last fighters to compete in the Grand Finals!

For the first time, matchmaking is determined by draw, not by rankings. Draw ceremony itself is for the first time broadcasted live on stream.

Before we introduce our fighters, one sad thing remains for us to mention. Year ago it was that we saw Roman Ilyashenko compete in Bukovel Cup Group Stage II. This summer, he made his last stand while Ukrainian Army corps retreated from surrounded Ilovaisk. May the memory of Roman and other war heroes be eternal!

Traditionally, stage two will have 12 matches. Four quaternions, two in 61.2kg weight category, two in 65.8kg and 83.9kg, and a qualifier set in 89kg+ division.

It is for the first time in Cup history, that 61.2kg weight category is represented by eight fighters. Bukovel Cup reigning champion – Olexander Lunga (Kharkiv) and group stage 1 winner Semen Galushko (Kryvy Rig) – have already made it to the Grand Finals.

First quaternion: Taras Tytarenko, Roman Kolotvin, Dmytro Dyvonyak and Denis Gurkivsky. All four are young and ambitious, thus it’s hard indeed to predict something.

Second quaternion: Alexander Krupenkin, Vasyl Sotnichenko, Levon Ohanesyan and Ivan Shtefuryak. Despite Alexander and Vasyl being well recognized champions and title holders, this quaternion results are not that obvious, as neither Levon, nor Ivan are going to surrender that easily.

It would be no exaggeration to say, that the 65.8kg weight category is top class in terms of participants. Artem Gorodynets, Eugene Svitlychny, Olexiy Suvorov and Olexander Karmanov. Moreover, there’s still a possibility of Ivan Vulchin recover. Despite young age, all five fighters have huge competitive experience and motivation.

Experienced Oleg Kolotylo and Dmytro Efremov versus young Bohdan Lysenko and Denis Levchenko in 83.9kg weight category. These four have a huge mutual match record, with upsets and drama being over the place. Could youngsters have a chance against clear favorites with their hit and run tactics? We shall see.

The super heavy weight category (89+) grand finalists are to be determined through three qualifying rounds. Reigning champion Igor Slusarchuk and Group Stage I winner, Stanislav Khmylkovski – have already made it to the Grand Finals. The super heavy division matches are the hardest to predict, as only one hit may be the cause of victory and defeat.

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16th January, 8:00 PM in EC “Buka”!