lutego 2015
“Bukovel” Free Fighting Cup

Though the stereotype became conventional by constant use, the main part of the well-known proverb is “Good should be…” Sorry to say many people stress the second part – “with fists”.

In actual fact, it’s easy to be strong. But it’s much harder for be good. Your strength either destroys everything or protects but without further perspective – here and now. Good is a long, life-long process. May centuries the philosophers try to determine the concepts “good – evil” and sophists have created heaps of books on this subject. Sometimes you may see such juggle and tricks that even Cirque du Solei envies.

In real life things are much easier. Good is creative work, evolution, solidarity. People give birth to Good when they do something for developing business, person, community, country. In other way – a sword of Evil is hammered when you increase chaos and destruction.

“Bukovel” Free Fighting Cup is a traditional Fest of Good and Power. 2015 is the season of the fifth tournament! During last five years sports life of Ukraine has changed a lot, and this Tournament aims to show the further growth of class.

We all are grateful to “Bukovel” ski resort to offer all the Ukrainian sportsmen (from all regions from Lugansk to Lviv) the chance to take part in the competition and feel a part of one big family! Promoting these all-Ukrainian Free Fighting competitions, our ski resort gave all the participants feeling of their pertinence and chance of self-fulfillment, as winners of the last year competitions entered the national team of Ukraine and through promotion of Ministry of Youth and Sports the fulfilled their  main dream – participated in the World Cup in Las Vegas!

First round will take place in EC “Buka” of ski resort “Bukovel” on January, 03, second round – January, 17, third round – January, 31, fourth round – February, 14, and the Grand Finals – March, 07 2015!

The current finalist table will be the most interesting of all seasons! Here you may see the creators of the last year sensations – Krukov Ruslan, who unexpectedly beat Papush Volodymyr; Petrusiak Nazar, who interfered the known Chyzhevskyi Yuriy on his way to victory; Kosyanenko Vladyslav, who won a perfect victory over Mytrofanov (Red) Andriy.

See also the “Golden Team” of Dnipropetrovsk join our fight for the Cup – Lyezhniev Andriy, Valivakhin Oleksiy, Franchuk Yaroslav, Galushka Semen, Khrapanov Andriy, Shumylo Yevhen. In heavyweight welcome Polyezhai Borys, Astapov Sergiy and others.

We are looking forward to see the 61-kg weight category fights, as young sportsmen Schukin Valeriy, Vulchyn Ivan, Bosyi Yuriy and Demko Stanislav are in perfect shape and highly motivated to win the recognized masters Grytskiv Taras, Lunga Oleksandr, Tytarenko Taras, Sergiyenko Vaadym; and of course Golovatyi Bohdan will wait on their way to the title.

By the way – Golovatyi Bohdan is the best master of Federation of 2014!!!

If all goes well we will witness the outstanding fight, the most expected for last 5 years – Odnorog Yevhen vs Lyezhnyev Andriy! These two World Champions will fight for the belt. But the fight will happen on condition that Andriy wins in elimination fight.

Price of loss in the elimination fights has never been higher. Unlike all other seasons, only winners of the fights will enter the Grand Finals!

The Grand Finals are expected to be the most interesting. Is format was changed into squad Grand-Prix unlike the champions fights to win the title as it was before.

Participants’ number increased as well in heavyweight categories of 77 and 84. We will see the most tense and interesting fights. Don’t miss it!

And of course all other fights will be really interesting as many sportsmen will make the competitions unforgettable. We’d like to mention Zagubynoga Ivan, Pihunyk Taras, Kolotylo Oleg, Sapa Taras, Slyusarxhuk Igor, Bova Yevhen and many others.

The tournament will never erase from our memories as many competitors are not in the table. And now they will never be. They met their end protecting out right to live and create. It’s our pain and grief.

For us they will always be in tournament tables. Unforgotten. We dedicate this Fifth season to their memory.