14 LUTEGO 2015

OurcompetitionshavecrossedtheLine - RoundThreeisbehind.But you all know its just the equator, not the top! The peak is ahead. During the fourth round we will see the first Grand Finals - 61.2 kg weight category!

Besides -61.2 kg we also have the participants of other grand finals in weight categories 70 and 77 kg. Not many secrets are left for the qualifying rounds. Only three places in Grand Finals are vacant so far, and the Fourth round will reveal the names of sportsmen to fight for the Campion's Belt in weight categories 66, 84 and 89 kg.

In addition to the most interesting Grand Finals we will also see the unique fights of four sportsmen  of two federations in +89 kg weight category!

Don't miss - EC "Buka", February 14, beginning at 20:00.

Fight-card of Round IV "Bukovel" Cup


1. Golovatyi Bohdan (Komsomolsk, "Gornyak" club, coach - international master of sports A.Pedyna) - international master of sports, actual champion's belt owner in -61.2 weight category, vice-champion of the world, vice-champion of Europe, repeated champion of Europe in free-fighting;

2. Bosyi Yuriy (Ternopil, "Kharakternyk" club, coach - ims Dolishniy O.V.) - master of sports of Ukraine, winner of the Cup of Ukraine, bronze winner of Free-Fighting Championship of Ukraine, winner of the V season, I round of Bukovel Free-Fighting Cup;

3. Bodnar Denys (Kharkiv, "Kharkiv Top Team" club, coach - ims Blank A.O.) - master of sports of MMA, vice-champion of the world, champion of Ukraine of MMA, III round Bukovel Free-Fighting Cup winner;

4. Lunga Oleksandr (Kharkiv, "Kharkiv Top Team" club, coach - ims Blank A.O.) - international master of sports of Free-Fighting, owner of "ProNOMAD" champion's belt, champion of Ukraine and winner of Free-Fighting Cup of Ukraine.


1. Lyezhnev Andriy (Dnipropetrovsk, "Sapsan" club, coach - Valivakhin O.) - international master of sports, world's champion and repeated champion of Ukraine of Free-Fighting;

2.TanshynArtem(Komsomolsk, "Sparta" club, coachims, honouredcoachofUkraineShemarovV.M.) - ims, actualownerofchampion'sbeltof "Elite" divisionof -69 kgweightcategory, championofUkraineofFree-Fighting;

3. GorodynetsArtem (Komsomolsk, "Sparta" club, coachims, honouredcoachofUkraineShemarovV.M.) - candidate master of sports of Ukraine of free-fighting, bronze championship and Cup of Ukraine bronze winner, champion of Poltava region of free-fighting;

4. BezpalkoViktor(Ternopil, "Kharakternyk" club, coachimsDolishniyO.V.) - candidate mosU, prizewinner of championship of Ukraine, champion of Ternopil region of free-fighting;


1. Khrapanov Andriy (Dnipropetrovsk, "Sapsan" cup, coach msU Boguslvskyi V.V.) - master of sports of Ukraine, vice-champion of Ukraine of free-fighting;

2. Obzor Sergiy (Kirovograd, "Kirovograd-MMA" club, coach Bolgarov O.I.) - candidate master of sports of free-fighting;

3. Lysenko Bohdan (Zhytomyr, "Sokil-Zhytomyr" club, coach msU Gingizov O.M.) - candidate master of sports of Ukraine of free-fighting. Champion of Ukraine of free-fighting;

4. Vygovskyi Denys (Kryvyi Rig, "Tiger" club, coach Smagliy I.V.) - candidate master of sports of Ukraine, prizewinner of championship of Ukraine, champion of Dnipropetrovsk region of free-fighting, champion of Ukraine of jiu-jitsu (full-contact).


1. Slusarchuk Ihor (Lviv, "Kharakternyk" club, coach honoured coach of Ukraine Chobotar V.G.) - honoured master of sports, actual owner of champion's belt of "Elite" division, world champion, champion of Ukraine;

2. Polyezhai Borys (Dniproptrovsk, "Sapsan" cup, coach msU Valivakhin O.) - ims, prizewinner of world championship, champion of Ukraine of MMA;

3. Khmylkovskyi Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk, "Viking" club, coach Shevchuk O.V.) - candidate msU, vice-champion of Ukraine and vice-winner of Cup of Ukraine of free-fighting;

4. Brus Mykovla (Kalush, coach Mazzini Andriano) - candidate msU of freestyle wrestling, champion of Europe of MMA, world champion of grappling