"NuAngels" Anniversary Tour in “Bukovel”: January 1st!

Being one of the most appreciated female duos in Ukraine, NuAngels celebrate 10-year anniversary this year with a big concert tour, “HEART”.

For almost decade-lasting career, the girls have earned unparalleled popularity and got themselves numbers of faithful fans in Ukraine and abroad. Their music videos are no less than sincere and dramatic stories, scoring thousands of views on the Web, with songs being the soundtracks for the everyday life for many of us.

10 years is a long way for a pop project and though already distant, Slava’s and Victoria’s scenic debut seems to have happened yesterday or last week. “HEART” tour brings the best from the repertoire to the table, alongside new songs, unavailable yet in record stores.

NuAngels are giving their hearts away. Are you ready to accept the gift?

Ticket booking: karabas.com