czerwca 2015
Hutsul – Fest 2015

The program includes performances of authentic folklore and ethnographic ensembles; familiarity with folkways and traditions; masterclass how to play musical instruments; ancient dances training; souvenir fairs and folk crafts masterclass; open air hutsulian cookery on the wood in large boilers; delicious liqueurs and mead; initiation into hutsuly; party of shameless kolomyiky and hutsulian discodance under the Carpathian stars.

You can taste hop mead, hutsulian Banosh with cheese and bacon, play jew’s-harp, trembita or cembalo, dance "Arkan" on the mountain Bukovel and feel like a real opryshko of Carpathian!

Have a party until the morning...

The festival will be supported by Member of Parliament Oleksander Shevchenko.

Festival sponsor:
Event-agency "Art-Bukovel"

+38 098 1000 200