lipca 2015
St John the Baptist Day in Bukovel

Many lads and lasses go to the touristic complex Bukovel every year to take part in the traditional Ukrainian festivity that recurs in our region since ancient times at night before St. John the Baptist’s day. And this year the resort will welcome guests too.

See the merry Ukrainian folk entertainment with songs, music, dances, romance, fortune-telling, games, competitions and fun, flower wreath twining, round-dancing, jumping through the Hutsul bale-fire, night dances under the Carpathian stars.

Sponsors of folk festival invite to quest “Seeking out flower of fern”. All lovers of adventures and interesting bytime must make an application and have compass, flashlight and phone with camera.

Well, hope to see you all on June, 6 at 19:00 at the central Bukovel lake. And let the miracle happen in this fairy night - may you find the magic Fern Flower in Carpathian Mountains and be happy!

Celebration will happen with the support of people's deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Shevchenko.



Festival organizer:
Event-agency "Art-Bukovel"
Tel: 098-1000-200