sierpnia 2017
"Artek" discount raffle revisited

Dear friends,

We continue to raffle off refunds between those people, who managed to book "Artek" visas in advance. According to the schedule, we shall give away a number of 10-50% discounts.

Book a visa to "Artek-Bukovel" Forest camp, and you will be automatically added to the raffle list.

Raffles schedule:

June 2 - winner list will be announced for May.

July 3 - winner list will be announced for June.

August 2 - winner list will be announced for July.

The last raffle will be arranged on August 15th. To participate in this one, book Forest camp visas on August 1-10.

Each time, we'll raffle off 5 50% discounts, 5 20% discounts and 5 10% discounts.

The winners will receive refunds in cash, equal to the amount of discounts won.

The winners will be determined online with random.org 

Good luck!

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