Ski Service and Rentals

Get yourself lifted and set up with everything you need for a smooth ride. TC "Bukovel" ski rentals feature the equipment by the world famous "Fischer", "Rossignol", "Salomon", "HEAD", "Alpina" and "Rossignol" brands: 16 rental stations total are at your service!

Based on outfit class and mileage, the gear is being split into several categories:

Cat. А – premium equipment, highest quality and the most recent models of the current season, for professionals and skiers with special desires at superior level.

Cat. B – high quality equipment, Cat. B selection features skis from the 2-3 year old collections. This category is optimal for experienced riders.

Cat. C – mid-grade class equipment, the best offer in the "price-quality" segment. Previous usage: recent 3-5 years.

Cat. D, D1, D2 – ski equipment for kids. Cat. D, D1  - premium gear. Cat. D2 – models from the collections of the past 2-3 years.

Safety and usability: all the gear from our rentals has passed all the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Rules and regulations for ski outfit rentals.

Rental location map

  • Rentals #1.1, #1.2, #1.3
    parking #1, ground floor
  • Rentals #2
    opposite to «Shelter» hotel
  • Rentals #3.1, #3.2, #3.3, #3.4
    parking #2, 5th floor
  • Rentals #4
    near the health center, residential area #2
  • Rentals #5
    near the "Filvarok" inn, residential area #2
  • Rentals #6
    chairlift #14, valley station
  • Rentals #7
    chairlift #7 area
  • Rentals #8
    ski lift #7 area
  • Rentals #10
    ski lift #5, valley station
  • Rentals #11
    ski lift #15, valley station
  • Rentals hotel «Radisson Blu»
    hotel «Radisson Blu»
  • Rentals hotel «Hvoya»
    hotel «Hvoya»
  • Rentals «Skating rink»
    parking #2, Skating rink

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