November 2018
Warning! Promotional ski-pass robbery cases continue!

Dear friends,

Again, we ask you to stay alert and book ski-passes from the official dealer of the resort at https://shop.bukovel.info

No other dealer in entitled at the moment, to sell Bukovel promotional ski-passes and those third-party sellers are obviously scammers who intend to steal your money.

Recently, a new fake website appeared http://bukovel.store/, providing means to purchase TC "Bukovel" promotional ski-passes. This one is being actively promoted, thus it's likely that it will appear on the top of your search engine's list.

We now officially declare that this particular website has nothing to do with our company and by no means is entitled to sell our promotional ski-passes.

Again we would like to remind you of the fact robbery cases are real, if you consider buying those suspicious origin ski-passes. If you book from an unauthorized resource, we are by no means liable for any consequences. Most likely, those fake websites are being designed and promoted with a single purpose to deceive you and seize your money.

Stay alert, pay attention. You can only protect yourself from losing money, by booking from the official dealer at https://shop.bukovel.info

We in our turn, have already applied to law enforcement agencies to deal with this case, to find the opportunity to stop and further prevent further illegal activity on the Web.

We kindly ask you to inform us of similar facts, in case you detect suspicious, unauthorized resources, so that we can respond faster and better protect the interests (and funds) of our guests and tourists.

Be watchful, do not be tricked.