October 2019
Fake ski-passes alert!

Dear friends,

Again, we are forced to alert you of continuous cases of ski-pass trickery. Traditionally, the week after special deal campaign launch indicates the increased activity of fake websites and vendors, who are trying to disguise themselves as the official "Bukovel" online shop.

For example, this fresh website we’ve detected few days ago: skipass.bukovel.shop, bukovel.best, bukovel24.info, shop-bukovel.info/index.html.

Unfortunately, we’re lacking potent answers to this problem. Internet sales remains to be a forgiving environment, the existing regulations are weak and the deceivers are slippery and smart enough to change their IP-addresses, domains and have plenty of ways to hide their real location and identity. Thus, the only way we have to prevent you from financial losses is to repeatedly remind you of the fact, that shop.bukovel.info and bukovel24.com are the only vendors that you can safely purchase promotional ski-passes from.

No other online shop or marketplace is authorized to provide such deals!

We kindly ask that you spread the word among your colleagues and friends who might want to purchase a promotional ski-pass. Don’t put yourself at risk by buying a ski-pass with a suspicious history, and/or from unauthorized vendors and websites.

Again, shop.bukovel.info and bukovel24.com are the only places that you can safely purchase from!

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!