March 2020
TC «Bukovel» temporarily closed!

Dear friends,

Sad as it may seem, we are making the unpleasant decision. Starting Wednesday, March 25th, we are going to suspend operation of our ski lifts and finish the 2019-2020 winter season prematurely.

TC "Bukovel" is joining the strict nationwide quarantine measures, which includes all services being declined, including tourist accommodation. All the venues will be closed.

Naturally, we are upset with such a turn of events. The weather in the mountains is marvelous. The season might continue for quite a time. As of today, there are no legal reasons for closure, still we realize that each day of delay is a threat to our guests’ health – the risk that we aren't willing to take. The major cause of this decision is a lack of reliable info. Unfortunately, but today there are a lot of questions being unanswered by the authorities. How many people have been infected? Are medical facilities ready to hospitalize people and provide with qualified treatment? Are Ukrainian hospitals properly supplied? How many people returned from their foreign affairs, have they been healthy and properly tested for COVID-19? Are people taking personal isolation measures seriously? Does the country have a sufficient amount of test kits? All these questions (and many more) are currently unanswered.

Thus, we are forced into this unpopular premature closure decision. We’re not going to risk the health of our guests.

As for people, who booked their accommodation at "Bukovel" hotels in advance, there shouldn’t be any worry. We kindly ask all our customers, who, due to these circumstances, will not be able to use the pre-paid services, to contact us at web@bukovel.com, so we might have a positive resolve of this issue.

Be healthy and see you after the quarantine!

Yours sincerely, TC "Bukovel" team.