Feast of Baptism of Christ in Verkhovyna

2 JANUARY 2023
Feast of Baptism of Christ in Verkhovyna

Welcome to colorful Feast of Baptism folk festivities in Verkhovyna, the heart of Hutsulschyna. On the morning of January 6, hundreds of Hutsuls wearing traditional costumes will gather around the church, carol melodies will echo among the mountains and take you back to the times of our ancestors!

Don't miss an opportunity to attend the blessing of water ritual on the river Cheremosh, join local townsfolk and dive into the icy Jordanian waters.

Last, not least, a visit to local museums will make a satisfying conclusion to this exclusive holiday tour.

The price includes:

  • transfer TC "Bukovel" – Verkhovyna – TC "Bukovel";
  • guide support.

Paid services:

  • museum entry tickets;
  • dinner.

When: January 6.
Duration: 7-8 hours.
Departure time: 09:00.
Price: 1000 UAH.