January 2016
Multi-Resort Ski Passes

Dear friends,

We are thrilled to announce that TC “Bukovel” pre-season ski passes can now also be used at “Semmering”; a ski resort in Austria located only 1 hour from Vienna.  

Please note, that additional verification process is required for “Bukovel” ski passes, bought in advance. Right now, these ski passes do not grant the permission to use the slopes and lifts in Semmering.

With a simple exchange process, data is transferred to your new all-round ski pass, accepted both in Ukraine and Austria. It takes 1-2 minutes of your time to scan and re-code your pass and you’re ready to go! The nominal fee for this unification procedure is 25 UAH in “Bukovel” or 1 EUR in “Semmering”.

With our new joint pass, all the benefits your ski pass provides, as well as expiry dates are now identical for both resorts!

Here is the list of exchangeable ski passes:



Ski pass type

«All at Once» and VIP Gold card refill

“All Days” (3 days)

“All Days” (5 days)

“All Days” (10 days)

«In advance»

“All Days” (3 days)

“All Days” (5 days)

“All Days” (10 days)

«Extra days»

“All Days” (5+2 days)

“All Days” (10+4 days)

“Discount” card refill

“All Days” (3 days)

“All Days” (5 days)

“All Days” (10 days)

Other offers (off sale this season)

Seasonal “All Days” (3 days)

Seasonal “All Days” (5 days)

Seasonal “All Days” (10 days)

Seasonal “All Days” (100 times)

Seasonal “All Days” (200 times)

VIP «Brilliant» card



The unification option is not available for other ski passes and those, bought during the season.

TC “Bukovel” is erasing the borders. Right now, Austria becomes even closer!

More information about “Semmering”: -www.semmering.com

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The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.