February 2016
Fake ski passes!

Dear friends,

We are forced to alert you of continuous cases of trickery around TC “Bukovel’s” ski passes.

Fake ski passes are being sold directly on the slopes as well as through specialized websites and forums. Generally, people are attracted by the lower price, compared to those our ticket offices and authorized vendors provide. Clearly, nearly all those cheap ski passes are not valid, providing absolutely no passing rights to their owners. The problem is that fake ski passes can be clearly identified only by the employee of the resort.

As you know, it’s possible to track the status of any ski pass on our website. This is the background for a popular trick. Before handing the card to the buyer, deceiver asks him to make sure he’s holding a genuine ski pass. Such deception is possible because the number of the fake key card is that of a valid ski-pass. That means the number itself is genuine, but not the card. Another common trick is that fake ski passes are being sold in bundles, together with valid ones.

We warn you again about buying ski passes of our resort from any suspicious vendors and websites. Only by buying from our authorized distributors or pay desks you can guarantee that you’ll get a genuine ski pass and protect yourself by the Law from losing money.

Note, that by using or distributing fake ski passes, willingly or not, you take part in illegal actions which entail legal consequences. Pay attention to this when considering buying any ski pass with suspicious history. The administration of the resort carries no responsibility for any property losses, caused by usage of a counterfeit or expired ski-pass.

We highly recommend that you always keep your pay bills when booking ski passes. In case of a loss, that is your only proof, so you can easily restore your card in any pay office of TC “Bukovel”.

Have a safe and smooth ride.

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.